In the early days of my career, I did plenty of design and presentation work but with the advent of technology and the growing trend of work in the digital space, designers have to be well-rounded and familiar with programming and other new technologies.

When I was employed at JP Morgan Investment Management (JPMIM) in the 90’s, we had 7 junior designers, two lead designers (I was one of the two), six desktop publishers, six production people and two proofreaders along with all the systems needed to produce high-quality artwork all in-house. I had many great collaborative experiences with the team at JP Morgan Investment Management.

Today, there are plenty of designers out there who enjoy designing and brainstorming ideas and concepts. The media has also evolved while print design is still being done, you also have other mediums like the web, film, mobile, and desktop.

Things change, we realized that we must change as well. Toro Media is a multidisciplinary we handle and develop work in the digital space, from short films, live events, trade shows, Inbound Marketing campaigns and everything in between.

We are a small team with big ideas, and hopefully, we can get the opportunity to work with you one day.



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