About us

About us:

I have dressed in suits all my life. I guess you can say I was born a “suit guy”, as a little guy I never complained about being in suit and tie. I liked looking good and how people responded to me. There are many who inspire my style and they all have one thing in common, effortless elegance. Duke Ellington for one, who picked up his nickname “The Duke” as a young man because of his precocious style.  Frank Sinatra was endlessly outfitted in tailor made items for his public, because he wanted them to see him at his best, all the time.

A bespoke suit is one of the best gifts a man can give himself. Detailed tailoring and the finest Italian and English fabrics, allow our clients to appreciate the fit and quality of a suit made exclusively for them. The most important thing about bespoke suits and shirts is how they make you feel, having the confidence of knowing you look your absolute best!

We want to help you make it look easy!





all fabrics provided by the following mills:

Dormeuil label Marzoni label Reda label Thomas Mason label