Bespoke Garments

What is Bespoke? It is a term that refers to dealing in or producing custom-made articles. With this mind, a bespoke suit is one of the best gifts a man can give himself. Detailed tailoring and the finest Italian and English fabrics, allow our clients to appreciate the fit and quality of a suit made exclusively for them in mind. However, the most important thing about a bespoke suit is how it makes you feel, having the confidence of knowing you look your absolute best!

You may wonder “How do I order a custom suit?” We make the process easy and fun!

  1. An MSB Sartorial Expert will come to your home or office.
  2. You will be fitted for your new bespoke garment with a series of measurements.
  3. Then the MSB Sartorial Expert will help you choose from hundreds of Italian and English fabrics and select the style aspects of your new bespoke garment. We will look through style options and determine the best options for you, based on factors such as your skin tone, size, height and personal preference.
  4. The turn around time for your new garment is normally 4-6 weeks!
  5. We will then deliver your new MSB garment!

(If it is more convenient to ship a well fitting suit or shirt to us, we can take the measurements from the garment and have a custom piece done for you based on those measurements! Email us for more details.)


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