Just to let you know that I did not develop this video but I think it’s a straight-forward approach to buying your first suit. So first of all the video is developed by Justin Jeffers from The Fine Young Gentleman. The young man behind the video is the creative behind Jay Butler shoes, they design and produce beautifully-crafted loafers. First I want to say that I like to send videos and articles from other sites to you.

I am not one to care about viewership, what I do is because I love clothes. I have been wearing suits, blazers, pants, shoes from RTW, MTM to Bespoke for over 30 years and I still have some of them. While I never got a lick of fame from blogging, I do like to share what I have been privileged to learn as a young man and besides that, I am one of the few men of color who loves to blog about gear.

I am old-fashioned and while only in my 50’s, I learned a lot as a young man in my 20’s from those around me. So many of the articles that I see and read, while I can relate to them, I never had any problems dressing because I was doing this 30 years ago and who knew that the Internet would have lots of experts and so-called experts on the subject of men’s clothes today. There are my favorite blogs that I do like, here are but a few but I cannot list them all but these are my top reads when I want to see what is going on and I rate them in the order that I read their posts.

Like I said my top reads but I also like Brian Sacawa from hespokestyle, I like the blogs of Salvatore GagliardiOliver Wicks Brand and I like The Brooks Brothers Magazine. So without saying any more, check out the Justin Jeffers video and if you like it sign up for his blog. I really just like what I do.


Eric Toro


A post for those first time suit buyers

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