A well-cut suit, in fact, that is what every man should attain to own. There are many men stores out there but sell suits over the counter that require heavy alterations. Sad to say these off-the-rack suits are not always your best option when it comes to making your best impressions.

The shoulders may be too tight or wide, there may be gapping on the jacket and you may find that the sleeve lengths are not great since you will have to adjust the sleeves as well.

After the alterations are over, it will cost you. Before purchasing any suit, do the math. If the suit is $150 and the alterations are close to $90-125 after all is said and done you dropped $300 into an ill-fitted suit.

It is often better to buy a better quality suit for $300-$400 or a made-to-measure suit for $600-$800 and be happy with your purchase.

We understand that at times our pockets could be shallow due to other expenses. However, a suit purchase is important. The suit can set you apart from others, a good fit will tell others that you take pride in how you look and your children will thank you for dressing your age.

Before I give you the 101 basics of purchasing a suit keep these things in mind, I have heard of some suggestions of buying a suit that can be worn year round, basically the quality of the wool will allow for its usage in different climates and while there is some truth to it, I disagree with that mindset.

Instead, I prescribe to the idea that a suit should be purchase for Spring – Summer or from Fall-Winter, using this concept you won’t wear a suit that is too heavy for summer and too light for winter, besides sweating like a pig or freezing your buns off, you will look ridiculous.

Here is my very basic 101 when it comes to suit buying:

  • Buy a suit that can be worn in weather that is similar, like spring to summer. That will give you good usage but not wear the suit out.
  • If pockets are shallow, purchase solid color suits, Brown, Blue, Grey, Beige/Tan or Khaki. Buy Black for weddings or special occasions, they are the hardest to match.
  • While wool weight is important, check workmanship of jacket and pants, look for irregularities, nothing is worse than a suit with a blemish, it will stand out. Please check the suit content, wool blends have gotten better, but I still prefer 100% real wool.
  • Stay classic, stay away from skinny suits, I mean STAY AWAY!
  • Stay away from trendy looking suits, same principle, STAY AWAY!
  • The accessories often make or break the look of the suit. Again, stay away from ostentatious colors, white/blue and even pink shirts are always better options, you can choose collar styles that enhance the suit.
  • Lastly, make sure that you purchase a suit with two or three buttons. Three is good if you are very tall and if the cut of the suit is classic, it will be around for a very long. Any more buttons that that (unless it is a double-breasted) and you can join the Steve Harvey Fan Club or join a Gospel singing group.

I hope this helps and I have posted some photos below that will give you some ideas on how a suit should look and fit.

Thank Care!


TM Lewin - Stewart Regular, 2 button
TM Lewin – Stewart Suit – 2 button


Airforce Birdseye Yorkshire Suit from Charles Tyrwhitt


Grey Brooks Brothers Suit
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A Well Cut Suit 101
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