As a marketing professional there are some items that are indispensable when it comes to business. A good pen or fountain pen, a business card holder and of course a phone that says business.



Some may say that these things are just superficial but keep this in mind what type of impression would your banker or insurance agent leave with you, if he had scribbled his contact information on a piece of scrap paper or the pen he took out of his pocket had a chewed tip or looked as if he found it on the street? What impression would you have of your investment manager if he had taken out a T-Mobile sidekick to take his/her messages or he had the same free phone as your 12-year daughter?

Your first impression would make you shop around for a new agent or banker. You get my drift, business accessories add that level of professionalism  you need when you have to close that deal, speak at a seminar or conference, meet a new client or vendor, or go to that all important job interview.

So contrary to what one might think, accessories highlight your overall look and having the proper accessories enhance your professional image.

Your Editor,

Eric T.

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Accessories every man should have.
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