It is always good to remember that a good pair of shoes will go a long way. I have some friends that are cheap. They will see shoes for $49.99 and claim that they are to expensive. Granted if you are buying a pair of sketchers that is probably a good price, since even their dress shoes could fetch $95.00.

While I am not a personal fan of Sketchers, the key is to buy a shoe that will last you at least 10 years.

This is the model I follow, the shoe has to be able to cross the generational line, it cannot be faddish and it has to be a design that has lasted through years of even the worst of times in terms of fashion, like the 80’s.

My personal favorites, are traditional and conservative shoes like wing-tips, cap toes, split-toes and monk straps. These designs are conservative, look great and can be worn in different settings.

Keep in mind that many designers even offer nice touches and twist to these traditional favorites. The shoe should be of quality leather that can be cleaned and polished. The bottom construction should be one that is easily replaceable, the best I find are those that use the goodyear welt construction process in their shoes.

This process is usually found among the best lines, Alden’s, Allen Edmonds, Peal & Co., Church & Co., John Spencer, Charles Tyrwhitt, John Lobb and many others that I could mention but I did not want to list all of them. Keep-in-mind that these shoes easily start at $225.00 and could cost as much as $900.00 depending on the design or designer, the craftsmanship and the leather (and treatment) that is used.

The benefit is that your Wardrode ROI (Return-On-Investment), works out cheaper. A shoe lasting you 10 years that cost you $300.00 up front will cost you $30.00 a year. A cheap shoe costing $49.99 a year will cost you $49.99 a year (provided that the price stays the same) will cost you $499.99 in the long run, not counting the time and gas you used to get to the store!

Enough said, here are the benefits of buying a quality shoe:


As long as the uppers remain sound, it is easy to re-sole a pair of worn welted shoes by sewing new ones to the existing welts, to give them a life expentancy of 20 years or more.





Comfort combines with durability in welted footwear to provide incomparable strength, outstanding perfomance, and enhanced shape retention.

If you check the blog roll, you can click on some of the links and you will see good examples of quality footwear. I have had my Church & Co. perforated cap toes for a good number of years and just recently had them resoled after several years of constant wear, still my favorite shoe. So remember quality footwear in the long run is easier on your feet as well as on your pocket, in the long run of course!


Eric T.

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Always buy a good pair of shoes

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