I wanted to let you know that I will be changing quite a bit on the Dicky Bow blog. The first problem that I encountered was looking for some good contributors, so I thought that those closest to me would be good contributors since many of them like fashion just as much as I do.

I love my friends but now I find that they may not be as passionate as I am about writing articles on fashion. As for me this is what I love to do. I spent most of my working career in investment banking, IT and marketing so I have a real good business background that has enabled me to handle the article writing, IT and social media marketing for my Blog.

I spent the last 21 years in marketing, starting in presentation graphics and learning print design, web design and in the last few years social media. I do not claim to be a fashion expert but more of an affectionado. I love clothes so I started The Dicky Bow as a growing and ever changing blog that I write and maintain that hopefully will help more inner-city males make sense of good personal style, develop an appreciation for quality clothing and understand proper etiquette, all things I take seriously.

Not bad for a kid raised in a Bronx project. I spent most of my life in NY and about 10 years ago I moved to CT with my wife. Even though I live in CT, My home will always be the Bronx and since the rest of my family is still in the Bronx living 45 minutes away allows me to see them a couple of times a week and making shopping trips to the city on a regular basis, checking out the very best in men’s wear. So don’t be a stranger and I look forward to having you as a reader of my blog.



Your fashion blogger,

Eric Toro


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