I like reading other blogs and there are some outstanding ones out there. One of the best I come across is that of the Gentleman’s Gazette. Some would say why would you write about someone else? The reality is that the Gentleman’s Gazette is great, I read their posts all the time. At times we both do product reviews and I respect the fact that he has a wealth of information on men’s gear that he pushes and shares down the fashion pipeline. I enjoy the way he dispenses his information on men’s clothes. His articles are great, his images are superb and what Sven Raphael Schneider has done is fabulous I hope he keeps it coming!

I like focusing on the maintenance of your clothes and the nature of being a dresser but Mr. Schneider does an excellent job on the functions of clothing, historical views, fashion trends, individual icons of style and the like and I like the images he posts on his blog, great detail. I like fashion and I like reading the Gentleman’s Gazette, in fact, I do not read Esquire and some of the other blogs as much since I think they get to sidetracked and also tend to be slanted towards the trendy and unwearable stuff designed for those with a 14 waist.

So that’s all I know you will like Gentleman’s Gazette, so I posted a link to one his recent posts. Great Stuff does not go unnoticed!

Gentleman’s Gazette, post on Vintage clothes and Interior Design,

awesome! Enjoy!

Article and image from Gentleman’s Gazette



I love this article from Gentleman’s Gazette
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