Many of us like to buy great clothes but do not always know how to best care for our gear.

Normally when I buy a suit, I just use the hanger that was given me by the retailer or tailor. I noticed that when the suit sits in the closet for a long period of time, what normally happens?

In my case, I get a crease in my pants that I have to get out with steam and I notice a slight slump on one side of the jacket from its loose dangling from the Cedar hangers that were provided. So where do you get the proper hangers to ensure that your clothes retain their natural shape and to ensure that long-term creases do not develop that will essentially damage your pants in the long run?

Well check out Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project not only does Kirby Allison teach you how to care for your suits but for your shoes as well. His site shows the impressive hangers specifically designed to ensure long garment life and it it also showcases an impressive roster of care related items for your entire wardrobe.

His site shows you step-by-step on how to care for those nice suede monk straps that you purchased as well as those nice leather shoes that you love to wear constantly. Head to Kirby Allison’s website, in fact I have already used some of his suggestions. I will be putting in a order for the Saphir shoe polish as well as purchase some travel hangers to keep my gear looking sharp on the road!

Check out the design below fromKirby Allison’s Hanger Project:

Image taken from Hanger Project, shows benefits of hanger
Image taken from Hanger Project, shows benefits of hanger


Remember take care of your gear!


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Learn to care for your clothes, visit the Hanger Project
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