On Wednesday (March 26, 2014), I had the privilege of listening to the conversation that G. Bruce Boyer had with Mariano and Luca Rubinacci at the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre, in the Fred P. Pomerantz Art & Design Center, at FIT. The discussion centered around Neapolitan tailoring and its influence in the world of fashion. It was a treat for me to hear the discussion since the Rubinacci family is well known for their bespoke tailoring empire. They did mention that they had over 40 tailors but they handle the decisions in regards to the customer. The conversation was enjoyable and entertaining with both Mariano and Luca giving insight into the Neapolitan way of tailoring, as they mention its just not the clothes but its really a way of life.



Panel Discussion


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Mariano and Luca Rubinacci at the Museum at FIT
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