Every Friday in my commute to work, I continually see more vagrants at least that is what I thought!


In reality many people have become victims to casual Fridays, the day they can wear any rag to work. For instance some employees show up to work in jeans which is not wrong and it depends on the job as well as the environment.

The problem is that many wear jeans that are too big or very skinny. Many combine a mishmash of items to create a look that they feel is unique to them or their so-called generation or personality. Some men may wear very typical items, a team jersey with some jeans or a t-shirt with skinny jeans and sneakers both with plenty of logos (walking billboards).

This new casual Fridays work wear is the new look for many small companies, retail outlets, mall employees, coffee shops and the like. It comes with its own attitude. People may feel more inclined to relax when they get to work, take things slow and go with the flow. Its hang-out at work day! In my personal opinion, it reveals a lack of professionalism and the best terms that I can find to describe its overall appeal are sloppy and slacker, like the guys portrayed in movies like Clerks.

Regardless of this trend you should still dress appropriately for any activity and for me I personally like getting dressed each day. The dressing up is like going into battle, the better dressed you are, the more you are prepared to meet the day to day challenges and people will notice you, they may not like you but you will be noticed and many will assign positive comments to your appearance as well as give you that often said phrase: “Hey, you look sharp, nice combo”.

So forget casual Fridays and dress your best each and every day, you do not know what opportunities may come your way and when they do you will look good going after them.

Jeans with jacket, professional and fun

Take Care and talk to you soon, in the mean time check the Fine and Dandy Shop a good way to fight casual fridays: http://www.fineanddandyshop.com


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Forget Casual Fridays
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