It’s been a while since we posted anything new, we are not dead just enjoying summer. The other problem is that I do have a job as a print designer/web developer, even though this blog is what I love doing.

I was walking around the financial district, the other day when I noticed there are more high end shops now opening in lower Manhattan than before. The days of the financial empires seem to be taken a different spin, with firms restructuring and downsizing operations, Wall street isn’t as crowded as it once was, except with tourist. I worked for the banking and finance industry for 24 years, in 1982 I worked for Apple Bank as a teller, eventually learning reorganization I worked at US Trust, Dominick & Dominick, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, JP Morgan Investment Management and Bank of New York. After Bank of New York, I worked at a small but reputable agency that handled collections as well as A/R purchases for large medical and consumer groups (still finance but interesting), I was their marketing manager and E-commerce developer. Today for the last decade or so, I have worked as the marketing manager for two different manufacturers.

Things changed and I gotten older but still love wearing my suit and tie, so my son took this picture of me while I was shopping for some clothes in lower Manhattan. What I am wearing, Michael Andrews summer weight bespoke gray jacket, cream linen pants, english spread (blue) shirt, textured brown silk tie, hat from J.J. Hat Center and woven leather shoes from Cole Haan.

Talking on my headset
Talking on headset, to a friend. Standing if front of My.Suit

So I am not dead yet, I will be back soon writing new posts and showing off combinations that I think look good together. My blog is for the everyday guy that likes to look good, my clothes are all purchased by me and combinations are ones that I pick, so you know that our site is not skewed towards any trends or retail chains, we believe that you can look good on a modest budget.




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Nothing new just enjoying summer!
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