No you are not seeing double, its me with a little help from Photoshop. I am pretty good in photoshop, however I put this together in 5 minutes so I took some shortcuts, its not my best work.

I wanted to highlight the jacket that I am wearing, a little take on the British with some Italian thrown in. I picked up the jacket in NYC, its made by a designer from Florence, Italy named Romano Ridolfi. I do not know much about him but I followed his line of clothes and I like his style. The problem is that the brand may no longer exist but he is still very much alive and I believe he is designing clothes for the Avirex brand owned by Marc Ecko. He designed something called the suit in an envelope that one could wear while traveling.

The suit is made in gabardine with a double twisted thread, most commonly seen in chinos here in America.  The envelope I believe is 40 x 45 centimetres (European) and in our measurement here in the U.S. its roughly 16″ x 18″ and can be worn at a moment’s notice.

Romano was once Italy’s most sought after designer back in the day, but today he is just a passing memory. I would like to find some of his jackets they were well made and of great quality. If anyone out there has an idea where I can find one of his older jackets I would be very much obliged! By the way the shirt is Tommy Hilfiger, the cap is by Kango and the eyewear is Brooks Brothers.

So if you can find one of these jackets, please e-mail me at Take Care!

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Where is Romano Ridolfi?
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4 thoughts on “Where is Romano Ridolfi?

  • Hi there!
    I am Romano Ridolfi and my own brand It is San Francisco 976 (visit our web site)! I am designing for Avirex Ita and others brand and I sell on the biggest shop around the world. Ask me if you have any question about the jacket that you are describing on your post.

    Kindly regards,

    1. Mr. Ridolfi,

      It is a privilege to hear from you. A couple of years ago, I purchased some jackets that were made by you and I still wear them today. The one that I like the best is the one that I am wearing in my post. I just went to your website and thank you again, I have been searching and I found the jackets that I am fond of. With your permission, I would like to write a second post regarding your current clothes line and where my readers can purchase your clothes. Any images that you can provide for my blog post would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for your response!


      Eric Toro
      Rift Magazine

    1. Romano,

      I am looking forward to posting some of your images. I am sorry that I have not responded as good as I should have but I always enjoyed the look and feel of your clothes. I will also post reviews of your new Blue San Francisco brand.


      Eric Toro

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