Red Striped Bow Tie

Many who know me intimately know that I have been wearing bowties for close to 25 years.  I feel the classic bowtie will be around for generations to come.

Some bowtie newbies resemble my favorite clown Bozo, this is because they have no idea on how to wear a bowtie. A few years ago, I saw a young man delivering a speech with a bowtie on, the audience paid more attention to his bowtie than to his speech.

The reason being his bowtie was so big they were waiting for him to take off! It was like having a propellor around his neck. I personally feel that not everyone should wear a bowtie. Here are my reasons why:

  1. A bowtie should compliment your looks, some looks are just not good for a bowtie
  2. You should know how to properly tie a bowtie and the length it should be (should not extend way, way past your eyes)
  3. You should understand there are different types of bowties (pre-tied, batwing, butterfly, diamond-point, etc..)
  4. Understanding the different types helps you make a better decision on how it will look but many fail to take into account fabrics and patterns, which makes some harder to tie or some so flimsy that they look awkward
  5. Dude, its not a fly-by-night fashion trend, wearing a bowtie should be a passion for you and you need to respect the game!

So those are my reasons, pay attention to how you throw everything together it could make you or break you at a professional setting. People begin to take you serious when you take your appearance serious.

Your Editor and Dapper Dan,

Eric Toro


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My Bowtie – a man’s best friend!
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