The other day I was in the Paul Stuart store on Madison avenue and checking out the latest in their Phineas Cole selection, which I feel is the best line of men’s clothes that I have seen in years.

Many will go to Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Rothmans NY, Bloomingdale’s and a host of other fine retailers and purchase high quality suits from reputable names but buying from Paul Stuart is both an experience and a treat. Their tailoring is probably among the best in the NY men’s furnishings industry.

The store was founded around 1938 by Ralph Ostrove and named after his son. The store has been at this location for over 70 years. In the early 80’s when I was in my twenties, I would pass by the store everyday and would leave my drool at the window as I pressed against the glass, saving up my money just to get one item of clothing from Paul Stuart, I had to save for several weeks before I could actually purchase something from the store.

Back in the day the store had two major competitors on Madison avenue, the first was F. R. Tripler and Co. at 366 Madison Avenue (46th Street) which sold high quality men’s clothing and was later affiliated with the brand Hart Schaffner Marx, the second was Brooks Brothers, 346 Madison Avenue (44th Street). Brooks Brothers is still a great store to shop in and survived but F.R. Tripler and Co. eventually cease to operate. As a side note, the reason why I know the history is because for most of my youthful years, I was a delivery boy for a luxury stationery which was located on 46th street, between Madison and Fifth avenue. For many years I delivered to these stores and as a result, I got to know many of the sales reps since I delivered high-end fountain pens to many of the store managers and sales reps.


The Paul Stuart store has dressed world leaders, dignitaries, celebrities, titans of business for nearly 70 years and if you get a chance to go in the store you see why. So the reps at the store let me take some photographs so that you can see for yourself, so if you live outside of NY and you read my blog then you know where to go for the best gear in town but be mindful it will cost you, by far Paul Stuart is one of the more costliest, if not the costliest haberdashery in NY as well as in Chicago. Enjoy the photos!

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Paul Stuart and Style
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