Well, we are back reporting on some of our favorite designers. Romano Ridolfi revealed the third season of his latest collection called RR at the last Pitti Immagine Uomo.

This year Romano Ridolfi is focused on pants, which from what we understand range in fabrics and wear; from every day going about your business pants to the more classic formal pants for going out on the town.

As we reviewed the images that we received, it seems that he has a good selection of fabrics but we were impressed with the style that he is focused on, what we call clothes for the well-worn traveler.

We also like the fact that his clothes capture a bit of Americana, from his pants to his jackets, the clothes breathe the essence of being out in the west and just traveling through the country exploring its many sights and listening to its many sounds. We love his use or fabrics from the denim shirts, rugged jackets, wool ties and cotton slacks in various flavors.

The website tells the story of writers, musicians, and dreamers in search of inspiration and we can definitely say that this collection was inspired from a time of dreamers when young people were exploring the sights and sounds around them. We enjoyed the images that were supplied us and we like the fact that his clothes will inspire a whole new generation of writers, musicians, and dreamers, rock on Romano!

Check out the pics below and for more information, head to yoox.com

image image_8 image_7 image_6 image_5 image_4 image_3 image_2



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Romano Ridolfi – A True Story
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