This summer you will see a nice collection of shirts from various makers. This year you will see makers like Charles Tyrwhitt, Brooks Brothers, Paul Frederick, The Shirt Store, Paul Stuart put out a nice collection all with a variety of colors and collar styles. Here is my breakdown for summer:

Charles Tyrwhitt has a nice collection this year, great colors, plenty of styles to choose from. A great british shirt for a fraction of the cost. The downside is that the more desirable line of shirts are tailored and slim fit, so if you have a little weight in the middle, be careful and make sure you order a shirt that fits. It would be nice to see more desirable styles in full-cut or classic styles.

My next pick having been a client for twenty years or so, I find The Shirt Store a great place for shirts. I do have to say for a custom or made-to-measure shirt you cannot go wrong. In the mid 80’s I purchased my first Gekko shirt from them and have since purchased many custom and made-to-measure shirts. Great shirts, custom, made-to-measure, get fitted and design your shirt. The trade-off a lot more expensive than Charles Tyrwhitt. The only store in NY is located at 51 E.44th Street at Vanderbilt Avenue. The website is now called justwhiteshirts,

One of the best shirts available. Paul Stuart makes great clothes, great shirts and with the high price. If you can’t do Shirt Store, great alternative but it will cost you.

Thomas Pink One of my favorite shirt makers, always has great colors, unbelievable fabrics and I like the way they layout their store. Once you get use to wearing them its hard to wear anything else. My favorite shirt is my Thomas Pink blue check with a cutaway collar and french cuffs. Moderately price if you compare to Paul Stuart.

A newcomer, while they have been around since 1898 I have rarely seen their shirts in around NY city. Just recently a friend of mines picked up some cutaway collars from them and I have to say I was quite impressed. Excellent styles, pricing similar to Charles Tyrwhitt and plenty of cutaway collars and french cuffs. I am ordering in a few days and will tell you of their quality in a later post.

While there are many other stores that carry great shirts my last mentioned will go to Brooks Brothers. Next to my Shirt Store shirts, are my Brooks Brothers shirts. I must say they are classic, well designed shirts with a great feel. The golden fleece line is comparative in price and quality to Paul Stuart. What I like about Brooks Brothers is they have extended their line to include some great british brands. Brooks Brothers clothes are iconic like their shirts and my personal preference over Paul Stuart. I love their shoes but this post is about shirts. A great shirt at any price,

Paul Stuart
Paul Stuart
Just White Shirts


TM Lewin
TM Lewin
Brooks Brothers
Brooks Brothers
















So this is my line up, remember summer is right around the corner and prepare yourself this summer with any of the shirts from the makers listed on this post.


Eric T.

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