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Here we are three months into 2012 and we have not supplied an article explaining what is going on with Rift Media Group. Well we wanted to highlight the fact that we are changing our name to The Dicky Bow. The term Dicky Bow comes from the UK and it is slang for bow tie.

The name is a better reflection of its founder me an avid bow tie wearer, I will not focus only on bow ties but as the main editor and a wearer of bow ties for over 20 years It is hard not to talk about them. I can say with pride that I probably owned somewhere between 300-400 hundred bow ties and have donated dozens to friends and acquaintances over the years. So maybe it is a conservative estimate?

Nevertheless, we hope that the new name and upcoming fashion tips will help you truly make the best of your wardrobe. The best thing any man can do is to constantly evaluate his wardrobe and not to make any impulse purchases on clothing.  Don’t make the mistake that being trendy is synonymous with being a classy dresser.

The reality is classic clothing has staying power and that classic clothing will look good today and still look good tomorrow, if you make the right choices. My view is conservative is best, add some nice pieces that really stand out and you put a new spin on that classic shirt and jacket. So come along for the ride and yes that is me from the neck down. The bow tie is from Barneys and the gingham plaid shirt is from Hickey Freeman. Our next post will have more combinations and we will work on our upcoming look book as well as check out our upcoming pinterest page, where you can post great looking combinations that rock!

The Dicky Bow








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