Sorry about the slow posts but I do have a day job. I wanted to hang out with a few of my friends but could not decide on what to wear, to grab a bite to eat at a little bistro in CT.

Below are the combos I came up with but I wasted so much time that I ran late to the meal.

Tell me what you think? The silk purple and my other choice a greenish plaid tie had to match a dark blue plaid two buttons bespoke blazer with a light blue shirt with white collar and french cuffs. The shoes were brown brogues, but I will hold out on the name of the shoes. I do not want you to buy the same pair.

I also paired a grey glen plaid suit with a purple gingham shirt with a lighter color bow in the purple family. Just to let you know, if you invite me to dinner, I am always late, the reason I always try on several combinations before I feel comfortable.

Send me a comment on the combinations!

outfit1 outfit2 outfit3 outfit4

I forget I spent some time picking out shirts as well:


So tell me what you think of the combinations that I tried to put together and give me your input.



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The other day, what to wear?
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