We apologize for not being vigilant but we were busy the last few months striking deals and setting up a filming location, yes a filming location! We will bring you videos featuring how-tos and tips on where the shop for the best men’s clothes in NYC.

We were also busy lining up new contributors who will deliver their takes on the world of men’s fashion. So we apologize after all that is said and done without your views we would probably not survive as fashion bloggers. In the meantime, many feel with the advent of the new year that they have to throw away the old and bring in the new. We feel differently about that!

For instance I will not be cleaning out my closet since I already have some great haberdashery that I hope to be wearing for the next 10 to 20 years. Keep in mind that classic clothes never die out, instead I will plan to lose weight, get some clothes tailored for a better fit and have some garments repaired since they are very hard to find pieces.

My shoes will be resoled, and polished. My leather bags will be cleaned, my jewelry and watches will be cleaned and batteries replaced. My wardrobe will be refreshed and I will only tank the trendy pieces that were bought on a whim but I hardly do that anymore, these days I think long and hard and make sure that the garment that I decide to purchase will have some longevity meaning that it will always be classic and good looking no matter what generation I will fall under next (Senior Citizen). I wish you all well and pay close attention to us as we bring you some great tips and information for 2011! For your pleasure, I have included a picture below that I shot when I was visiting the Gilt Group that day and my client (not Gilt Group).

This is when I had the epiphany to start Rift Media Group, I was standing on the roof of 2 Park Avenue, I had a client in the building who let me take some shots while I was up there on the roof. By the way the building is also the headquarters of The Gilt Group who sell luxury clothes lines over the web, I just happen to be in their office that day.


Eric Toro

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