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Popular to contrary belief I do wear neckties! Wearing a bowtie is just a personal preference of mine. There are times however where a necktie is more appropriate. I have just as many neckties as I do bowties, but it has come to be my signature style for many who know me. There are some great sites that I came across that provide excellent information for men who really need to understand the concept of managing a clean professional look not just in the office but in everyday life. So I decided to list these sites and blogs as some of my favorites. Here is my short list:

I did not include any men’s stores or sites that are established by large magazines like GQ or Details since they have one goal in mind and that is getting subscribers. I think the emphasis here is more on learning and understanding what works well and what looks best on you. In reality you can go anywhere and purchase quality clothes especially in New York City, but its how the clothes work together and the symbiotic relationship you develop with the fabrics and patterns you feel most comfortable with.

Style is not just a state of mind, a slob could feel comfortable in what he decides to wear. Style should be guided by good taste and a sense of self-worth, your clothes should tell others that I am serious about who I am!

So before I go, I know that The Rift Magazine is just in its infancy, and it will be a while before I get the support that I really need to keep on writing, since I do have a real job as a marketing communications specialist that pays the bills and really is my forte.

Look forward to many of my videos to come and hopefully they will become instructive and of high quality. I am also looking for other fashion conscious men to write articles as contributors. Keep in mind that this blog as well as my future site will be family friendly, so a young man could get on and not have to concern himself with sexually charged images or obscene language, my goal is to educate from youth on up the value of looking professional and maintaining a balance view of self-worth in your everyday life.

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Yes, I do wear a regular necktie!
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