I recently took a long walk in lower Manhattan, my walk started at West 4th street and I walked over to the Lower East Side and I covered every street in between. This is my normal hunting trip and yes I mean hunting trip! I take these long walks in different sections of NY from the Bronx to Brooklyn every so often and peruse men stores looking for possible buys.

You really have to be diligent when looking, New York has plenty of chain stores and men’s stores that sell cheap clothes, they are often very trendy and ill-fitting and yet even in one of the fashion meccas of the world you see badly dressed people, just check out parts of Brooklyn and its bohemian population.

I will find the occasional Marshalls or Daffy’s (Daffy’s has better offerings for men) in my walk and I will stop in and see what they have in stock but most of these stops turn up fruitless, these stores are hit and miss for the most part and you really have to find something of high-end quality to say you got a great deal.

Nonetheless I still check them out, the best deals come in the form of vintage stores and small boutiques that I come across that really sell great men’s wear. You will also pass by many custom tailors like Michael Andrews Bespoke in the NoHo section of Manhattan. I recently got a jacket from Michael Andrews and I have pictures of the jacket attached to this post.

The real story is that we have a Pinterest page and we are posting pictures of some of the best men’s wear available and the physical location or web address where you can purchase these items for your wardrobe. So I have my link below and make sure to check us out and share our site with others.

Thanks, here is the Pinterest handle: pinterest.com/dickybow

Scabal Fabric


Working Buttons



Michael Andrews Bespoke




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