Finding and Trying Combinations

Finding combinations can get quite tricky. Its a daily endeavor that fashion conscious males are extremely aware of. The battle between sophistication and being a clown is actually a very fine line that all fashion conscious men must walk. While I am no expert, I can tell you what combinations look bad and you really do not have to be an expert to see when certain patterns, materials and colors do not go well together.

The way clothes are worn is a big deal, for instance some men wear bow ties that extend pass their ears. If you were making a case for Bozo the clown, then you made your point!

Deranged Bozo
(Photo credit: Chicago Man)

The reality is that dressing takes some forethought. When you are picking an outfit do you look at the patterns, materials and colors and see how they either compliment or contrast each other.

Look at men’s fashion publications and be an observer of fashionable men that you see walking down Manhattan (just don’t stare, that’s rude), see how other men wear their clothes, ties and the like. You will find many good combinations by observing well-dressed men. Check out what looks good on them, the colors, patterns and yes even the material all has a bearing on how the final combination will look and work or in some cases not work.

Step outside your comfort zone and experiment but do not go wild and lose all self-control. Dressing well is a statement that you have good judgement when it comes to style. So experiment and have fun but don’t look like a clown when you are out and about.

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Finding the right combinations – day in and day out!
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