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I am going on a business trip and I need to make a good impression. Many times I get up and fumble through my closet looking for something to wear. The problem with me is while I have a good selection, I tend to wear my favorites pieces all the time.

The down side to this habit is that my favorite pieces will wear out with repeated use and will have to be replaced. The second part of this behavior is that it limits what I will wear, so you need to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with colors and patterns.

Here is my collage documenting my selection:

My clothing collage – its what I wear

The center piece of the ensemble I put together is my bow tie, I always start with a center piece what I consider the piece that you really want to wear. The bow tie contains lavender and blue, it also contains little blueberry dots that match nicely with the blueberry gingham shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt. The silk pocket square acts as a contrast with its rich blue color and I wanted to wear my brown suede shoes from The Custom Foot with a pair of suspenders from Trafalgar and my two-button grey windowpane suit with peak lapels. Do not forget the cufflinks, burgundy and camel-colored silk knots that gives it the spark that I like in my gear. I think this combo is energetic with a slight dash of preposterous.

My point is experiment, be bold and do not be afraid of colors or patterns. I like experimentation coupled with very classic styles. I do not always pull it off but its fun! Get yourself some fashion mags for men browse through them for inspiration and start throwing stuff together, you never know what new ensemble you will bring forth from your closet!

Take Care.

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