Why have the post been slow and coming?

Sorry to all about the posts. I have been slow since there has been a lot going on and with Hurricane Sandy my problems have been compounded. Toro Media Group was operating out of Bridgeport, CT but its a very unwelcoming city that leaves a lot to be desired. High taxes, no power (four days now) and crime have taken this city has low as it can get.

We are relocating our facility to the boroughs of NYC, where frankly there is a better business environment and more energy as well as a business friendly borough (The Bronx) and to mention born and raised in the Bronx, NY with three generation still there. Currently I am the only known family member that does not live in the city but I tried staying in Bridgeport and I kind of lost the fight.

So we will resume this week hopefully in our new location in Riverdale, NY.

Thanks for your patience.


Eric Toro

Toro Media Group


Caminando por la Sierra - Toro de Osborne
Caminando por la Sierra – Toro de Osborne (Photo credit: Mundo Desconcertante)
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