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This page will contain links to various marketing links and downloads that we have collected from numerous marketing companies online. Toro Media Group does not support, sponsor or receive any revenue or profits from any of these companies. It is our goal to help small business owners wade through the proliferating amount of white papers, e-books and free literature regarding marketing communications, SEO, copy writing, print design, press releases, public relations, web development, CRM, affiliate marketing,  social media, web metrics and analytics. The following downloads and links are provided free and as-is and do not require you to sign up for anything. We will post the web address of the company that provides the resource and it is solely your decision to sign up for their services, if you wish to use them.

We only ask that you share the information freely with fellow entrepreneurs and that you give us an honorable mention in your blog. Please provide a link to our site so that others can benefit from the information provided. Thank You!

Affiliate Marketing:

The Incomplete Affiliate Marketing Guide from Incomplete Affiliate Guide

Search Engine Advertising Campaigns from Paid Search

Learn how to use Google Adwords: Google Adword Channel

Business Services:

Incorporation Services guide from Incorporation_services

The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive from Ultimate Computer Acronyms

Managing Your Marketing Career from Career Guide

Marketing Templates on Competitive Analysis from Competitive Analysis

Free Computer training on Social Media, Internet and Software: Goodwill Community Foundation

Microsoft OneDrive Account: Microsoft OneDrive Account

Yola Free Website and hosting:

1and1 domain names and hosting services:

GoDaddy domain names and hosting services:

Copy Writing:

Copywriting 101 from

HubSpot Article on Copy Writing: Companies that do Copywriting Right

Marketing Communications:

B2B Marketing guide from  B2BDirectMarketing

Email Success Stories from email_success

Unleashing the Idea Virus from Idea Virus Share & Read

Using Google as a research tool from Google_Guide

Print Design:

How to read a Press Sheet from, The Idea Exchange: How to Read a Press Sheet

Typography Basics from TypographyBasics

Understanding Resolution from Understanding Resolution

Free Photoshop Training: PhotoshopCafe

Public Relations/Press Releases:

Sign up for free Press Release Site: PRWeb

Learning Section of PRWeb: PRWeb Learning

Free Press Release Site: PRLOG


How to Build your Page Rank from resourcenation

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, from SEO_starter-guide

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software: Hubspot

Brick Marketing: Full Service SEO/SEM agency

Social Media:

Ways to Integrate your SEO and Social Media Marketing from Ways to Integrate Social Media

How to create a Blog website with WordPress from How To Create a Blog Website With

Linkedin Best Practices for Business 2011 from 1-Good-Reasons-LinkedIn-Guide-20111

Corporate Blogging from CorporateBlogging

Free Blogging Sites: WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr

Twitter account signup:

FaceBook Signup: Facebook

Web Design & Development:

Learn web development on Sitepoint:

Learn on Wired’s webmonkey:

Learn web programming on Google’s university site:

Learn Google Webmaster: Google’s Webmaster Help Center

Download free learning PDF files from makeuseof: MakeUseOf Guides

Free web development tools from CoffeeCup software:

GuruShare, Social Learning Network: GuruShare

Udemy -Online Learning Free & Paid: Online Courses

Udacity – Online Learning Free: Development Courses

CodeAcademy – Learn Development Language for the web

Webdesigner Depot: Webmaster Tools

Web Metrics/Analytics:

Learn how to use Google Analytics for free: Google Conversion University

Google’s YouTube Learning Channel: Google Analytics

Bing Webmaster Tools: Bing Webmaster Tools


Check back weekly because links and downloads are updated frequently. This list is only a starting point, since there are tens of thousands of good resources out there, we included the ones that most businesses would benefit  from the onset without any heavy working capital. Thanks!


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