OMMA Global NY 2011

Two months ago, I attended the OMMA Global in NY, which was held at the NY Marriott Marquis on September 26-27, 2011. Why I am writing so late now about the event. Two reasons I have been busy working on marketing projects that I deem more important and it took some time to sift through all the information that I collected.

Overall I think that the conference was well-attended and the discussions led by the panelists that were invited to speak was like royalty when it came to the social and multimedia frontier. The keynote addresses were given by Denise Warren of the NY Times, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Dermot McCormack, EVP, of digital media at MTV networks. There was also Kim Kadlec of Johnson & Johnson and Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures plus a cornucopia of top speakers from many top internet firms, at least there was not a lack of speakers, the roster was long!

The bottom line to the conference at least to me is this: there are plenty of good ideas out there and many of the panelist that spoke had similar pathways of thoughts in regards to their approach, the issues they face, the medium they are using and the analytics that are evolving as they gather knowledge about their demographics. In retrospect there was much to learn and take in and it would take me hours to write a post about the event, so this weekend if time permits I will post a series of videos that I took highlighting the issues that I found interesting. So even if you were not able to attend, in two days I will sift through my video and post all the links to my site for all to see and hopefully to learn something new.

See you soon!

Eric T.