Web Analytics

Making sense of your traffic can be quite difficult! First you have to decide what you want to track. With basic web analytics you can track unique and return visitors, what pages on your site are visited often and how long visitors stayed on your site as well as the pages that were of most interest.

These are the very basics, simple information that can be culled using Google or any basic set of analytical tools design to track web traffic. For those who want the basic information these may be fine but for those who need data that can provide true value you may need to drill deeper to get more meaningful information.

Before you start, it is best to first decide on the criteria or the set of data you wish to track. If you are selling items on your site you can track sales volume. If you provide information you can track the number of users and what information drew the biggest search.

Regardless of what you do provide a service or sell an item, you need to develop a rate of conversion or conversation rate this is what many use as their final outcome. It can be the actual purchase or a series of events that you want the end user to complete or act on. So analytics are important it could mean the difference between life and death on your site. It can tell you what you need to change or what needs to be done or included in your site to increase traffic. In later posts we will talk more in-depth about analytics.



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